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I had a blast today my hunter friend took me to my doctors appointment and then we went shopping together. We seem to have fun wherever we go and he is so cheeky in a fun way...whilst in the Doctors office I showed him a box of tablets for allergies from the uk I asked hin what is the equivalent to these over here he replied Claritin I said to him strange because clartin does nothing for me and they cost .99 compared to a .50 for the ones in the uk ..his answer then was maybe its because of the Coating thats on claritin they dont have an effect he then said if I was you ask your family to send the ones from the uk..
road work news try and avoid the 108 during the day from Durham heading to Newmarket huge construction works on the road it took at least 40 mins to get out of the traffic there ..

9:45 PM Tom is finally home! No additional problems. Prescriptions for all sorts of stuff - but NEITHER Zyrtec NOR Claritin. Fortunately, both are available over the counter. So glad I do NOT work in the medical field! I've NEVER understood it and this is proof that it makes no sense to me. After a few LONG days, we're not planning to stay up to hear former President Bill Clinton. And may even sleep in tomorrow a bit! Still, good to have him home and we've even enjoyed the quiet time! God bless you and THANK YOU for prayers!